Our Leaders

Doron Cohen

 Duke Medical Solutions Founder

Uri Grunwald

Duke Medical Solutions Founder 



Doron Cohen is an accomplished medtech industry professional with 25 years of experience ranging from early traction in R&D to Commercial delivery among global markets.
Doron currently serving as the Founder & CEO of Duke Medical Solutions LTD.A leading Medical Devices and Services distributing company in Israel. As well as a Director in TechWald Holding Spa. A a participation holding company investing in HealthCare innovation with a key strategic focus on MedTech, Digital Health, and Medical Technologies. 
Doron previously served as the General Manager
Johnson & Johnson Medical Israel, with a 25-year career, leading organizations, teams and individuals for demonstrating outstanding results, profit and revenue growth in highly competitive international and domestic markets within the Healthcare arena.



14 years' experience in Medical devises market, Uri is highly experienced in Medical device specialized in Capital and disposable market managing sales and technical services teams both in direct cooperation and dealer companies.Uri was the General Director in the Israeli dealer A.M.I Technologies, Division manager of Cardiology, Endovascular surgery and Ultrasound, with the  responsibility of 45M NIS PNL in 2014.

Uri is also a former Cordis and Ethicon sales manager in J&J.

Uri Holds a BSC double major in M.I.S and Accounting and EMBA 




Our Sales Force


Duke Medical Solutions sales force is based on a group of well experienced, and extremely talented members,
whom are always ready for new challenges in the Medical Devices market in Israel.
Our team is known and appreciated by the Israeli medical market leaders and stakeholders.


Sales & Technical Service Unique Platform For growth


Duke Medical Solutions is a Sales and Technical Services Distribution Partner for next-generation
medical devices, disposables & capital.
Our proven professional and leadership team enables its partners to maximize short and longterm profits.
The Team is highly trained and experienced in Sales, Marketing and Technical Service, with the
best reputation in the Medical Industry.
Our Goal is to fulfill our Core competencies with our unique platform that enable Duke Medical
Solutions to work with dedicated sales teams, in order to accomplish our potential in:
Cardiovascular, Endovascular, General & Minimal invasive Surgery and Infection management
Our unique platform enable Duke Medical Solutions to be the best professional Technical
Services Team which are available 24/7 for installation, repairs, calibration, troubleshooting, end
user training and utilities counselling.


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